3 don’ts that you should know about breast augmentation

Women of many ages seek help with their breasts and want to get surgeries to fix their breasts as per their dreams. There could be several reasons why you might be interested in getting implants for your breasts, but you should never do this for someone else. This is the biggest mistake which may women do while getting the implants and i.e., they do it for someone else. If you are getting the implants, your reasons should be noticeably clear, and it should not be for a person other than you. In addition to this, you must always get the implants from a successful and reputed surgeon only. Dr Leonard Hochstein is a famous plastic surgeon and is known as the boob god for celebrities. He has a number of years’ experience in the field and has corrected the breasts for many celebrities. When you decide about breast augmentation and pick the right doctor, next thing is to make sure that you do not do the things which are not right for the procedure. You should stay careful during all the phases of breast implants i.e., before, during, and after phase of breast implants.

• Do not smoke and drink – This is the first thing that you should not do while you are getting the implants. Smoking and drinking can adversely affect your surgery and can bring disasters. You should tell your habits to your doctor and should make sure that you quite these and habits during the procedure.
• Do not always go for a bigger size – Many women think that bigger is always the better, and they go for the bigger sizes. This is not correct if you are really worried about the right physique and figure, you should consult a professional doctor and should listen to his / her advice.
• Do not hide anything from your surgeon – This is true and relevant to all doctors but is especially relevant to plastic surgeons. If you want to get the desired results, you should never hide anything from your doctor.