How to Track Your Profits With Matched Betting


What is match betting is just a risk-free method of earning profits by benefiting from bookmaker promotions. It involves placing two bets, one on an outcome happening and the other on the contrary outcome not happening. Using this method, you can guarantee a profit whatever happens in the event. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s have a look at how Matched Betting works and why it’s not gambling.

What is Matched Betting?

At its core, Matched Betting is approximately using bookmaker offers and free bets to create a guaranteed profit. It involves placing two bets, one with a bookmaker and one with a betting exchange. The bet placed with the bookmaker use their free bet or promotional offer, as the bet placed with the exchange will lay off any potential losses incurred from the initial bet should it lose. This technique ensures that you always have some type of return on your own investment – whether that be described as a small profit or perhaps breaking even – no matter what happens in the event itself.

Matches betting has become increasingly popular lately because low risk nature and possibility of high returns without risking any real money. In fact, many individuals have made significant amounts of money through Matched Betting without ever needing to gamble risks their own bankrolls. 

How Does Matched Betting Work?

Matched Betting functions exploiting bookmaker offers such as for example free bets or promotional offers which can be used to lock in profits whatever happens within an event or game. For instance, if you were to position £20 on Arsenal winning against Manchester City at odds of 1/2 (1.5) with one bookmaker and then place £20 on Manchester City not losing at odds of 5/6 (1.83) with another bookmaker, you’d automatically guarantee yourself a profit irrespective of who won the match! This is because if Arsenal win then you can get your original £20 stake back plus £10 from winning your first bet and if Manchester City draw or win you then are certain to get your original £20 stake back plus £16 from winning your next bet – giving you either way! 

Why Is Matched Betting Not Gambling?

Matched Betting isn’t considered gambling because it does not involve any real risk – all profits are locked in before the big event even starts! Which means no matter what happens in a event or game, you will always emerge ahead – something can not be said for traditional forms of gambling such as for example sports betting or casino gaming where there’s always some extent of uncertainty involved in regards to predicting outcomes and ultimately getting paid out for your wins! Additionally, unlike traditional forms of gambling where there’s usually some element skill involved when picking winners/losing teams etc., Matched Betting requires very little knowledge whatsoever – all that’s required is basic understanding of how odds work and how exactly to calculate potential returns in relation to those odds (which most online calculators do for you nowadays). Which means anyone can take part without needing any kind of prior experience or expertise – rendering it incredibly accessible for newbies looking to make some extra cash!


Matched Betting has become increasingly popular over recent years because low risk nature and possibility of high returns and never having to risk any real money. By exploiting various bookmakers offers such as for instance free bets or promotional offers, matched bettors can lock in profits regardless of what happens in a event or game – something which can’t be done with traditional kinds of gambling such as sports betting or casino games where there’s always some element risk involved when predicting outcomes correctly! With its ease-of-use and accessibility for newbies alike, Matched Betting could provide an excellent chance for anyone looking to make some more money without risking their particular bankrolls!